This Project would not be possible without the amazing support, guidance and encouragement from our Collaborators and Partners.

Tech Collaborators

To ensure our program curriculum and skill development focus areas are as relevant as possible, we have collaboratorated with numerous members of the Greater Victoria tech community on every stage of this pilot project development. Through their support we have been able to create a model that we hope will help resopond the the growing demand for talent in BC and to create meaningful opportunities for island youth.

Viatec Sendwithus
Stembolt Kano

Education Collaborators

Developing a project like HighTechU requires collaboration from not only the tech industry, but also from the educational instituions that are already preparing students for succcess in the workplace. Our partners in education have been a part of the HighTechU Pilot Project from the beginning, helping to ensure our program curriculum and delivery model are as effective as possible for participants.

Co-Op Career PSII
School District 63 School District 62
School District 61

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