Project Overview

How everything fits together

Our Program

The HighTechU Pilot Project aims to help participants Build Skills, Gain Experience, and Explore Innovation, through our Computer Science Skills Academy & Summer Industry Internship programs.

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Develop Skills

through the Computer Science Skills Academy

What is the Academy?

The HighTechU Skills Academy is about more than just coding; it's about building the next generation of innovators here on Vancouver island. Over this six-week intensive weekend program, youth will get exposure to the real-world of coding, gaining the practical skills needed to succeed and thrive in the ever changing technology sector.

When and Where is it happening?

The 2018 Academy program pilot will be located on-campus at the University of Victoria, running from 9am-4pm on Saturdays from April 7th until May 12th.

What will we be learning?

Developed in collaboration with industry partners, the Academy is focussed on helping youth build the skills and competencies needed to thrive in a tech workplace. Activities will centre around our 6 core-values: Respect, Resilience, Curioisity, Creativity, Teamwork and Innovation; and will (of course) include some programming!

What typing of programming will we be doing?

This years language will be JavaScript, the programming language of the web. We are going beyond just simple interaction, and looking at the application of JS frameworks in both front and back-end web development. Over the 6-week Academy, participants will create their own basic JS-based Social Networking web application.

The Academy program pilot cohort is limited to 15 students, with curriculum delivered by two graduate students from the University of Victoria.

Gain Experience

through a Summer Industry Internship

What is the Industry Internship

This 8-week paid Internship is an opportunity for participants to gain meaningful, real-world experience with a local tech company, while gaining credit for Work Experience 12A and 12B (if applicable).

Who can apply for an Internship?

After completing the 2018 Academy program pilot, participants will be eligible to apply for one of the spots in the 2018 Summer Internship program.

When and Where do they happen?

Internships will run from Monday, July 2nd until Friday, August 24th and will require a commitment to full-time hours (~35 hours per week).

For the summer of 2018, internships will be available through the support of our industry partners, including:

Sendwithus Sendwithus is a cloud-based communications management platform that enables organizations to maximize their email potential.
Stembolt Stembolt is an ecommerce consultancy that works with retailers around the globe. They’re the team behind Solidus, an open source, modular, and customizable platform built for high-volume stores.
How will the Internship work?

Specific employment terms and contracts will be managed through individual employers, with ongoing support for both interns and hosts provided by the HighTechU team.

While we encourage all Academy participants to apply for an Internship, please note that there are limited spaces available and as such not all applicants will be accepted for a position.

Explore Innovation

through Continuing Education

The HighTechU pilot project recognizes the value of encouraging academic study necessary to lead the next generation of innovation. As such, participants who successfully complete the Internship program will be eligible to receive a $1000 award from their employer, to be released upon admission to the University of Victoria.

Should students decide to pursue post-secondary education elsewhere, they will forfeit the award.